Holiday Newsletter – Announcing ‘The Yule Rose’

A brisk, happy welcome to all new subscribers. I’m glad to have you as part of Romantic Eras!

Autumn is such a lovely time of year (and my favorite). The land begins to grow quiet and draws in on itself in preparation for winter. I love the colors, the falling temperatures, the promise of snow, the anticipation of the winter holidays – including Christmas, called Yule in ages past.

In honor of the season, I am releasing, on December 1, a new novella in the medieval-era Ballads of the Roses, called The Yule Rose. It’s the story of Baron Roland Vesli, steward of Romleygh Hall, first mentioned in Rose of Hope and again in For Love of the Rose. It’s for all you who are fans of Christmases past! I’m sharing the new cover here, with all of you, first! I hope you love it as much as I do.

A woman afraid to yield her trust. A warrior determined to win her surrender. Yule will never be the same.


Along with The Yule Rose, I’m offering the first book in the series, Rose of Hope, as a free gift, starting December 1. Courtesy of cover designer Dar Albert’s wizardry, I’ve given Rose of Hope a fresh new cover/new look:

New RoH-e-copy

Looking to the FUTURE: The next novel in the series, Scent of Wild Roses, is due for release in February, 2016. In this third novel, Evart, the firstborn son of Fallard and Ysane (Rose of Hope) meets his destiny in Annice of Aiglantier. 

Wishing you all a warm, wonderful, safe holiday season… and Happy Yule!


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