Release Day for ‘The Yule Rose’

Today is release day for The Yule Rose, the first ‘novella’ in the Ballads of the Roses series! This is the tale of Roland Vesli, Baron of Romleygh Hall and his love, Elysande de Souredeval. You can find it here (it’s also available on Nook and iBooks, and soon, on Kobo):





If you’ve wanted to read Rose of Hope, the first novel in the series, but not had the chance, it’s now ‘free’ on Kindle and Nook (and it has a beautiful, brand new cover):




I hope you enjoy these stories of post-Conquest England. If you love them, I invite you to leave a review!

The next two books in the series are The Trouble With Roses and Scent of Wild Roses. If all goes well, both will be available in early 2016!

Thanks so much, and Happy December!




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