Sneak Peek at the Newest ‘Roses’ Cover

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The arrival of spring (just around the corner at my house) reminds one of the old proverb: March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers [Frederick Thomas Elworthy, The dialect of West Somerset.  An outline of the grammar of the dialect of West Somerset. West Somerset Word-book. – 1875-1886].

‘Tis fitting, then, to introduce at this time of year the cover of the first novel of the “second generation” Ballads of the Roses series. This is the story of Evarette D’Auvrecher – the Storm Rose – eldest daughter of Ysane and Fallard. We first met Evarette with her twin brother, Evart, as a fearless, rambunctious, adventurous three-year-old in Rose of Hope (hint: she hasn’t changed much). Return to the post-Conquest world of the powerful Wulfsingas family in The Trouble With Roses, coming May 01, 2016.


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