It’s Here! Bràbanter’s Rose in Kathryn le Veque’s de Wolfe Pack World

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Brábanter’s Rose, a novella of the Ballads of the Roses, picks up where For Love of the Rose left off, with Brabáncon Elrik of Breda completing his final mission in the second Harrowing of the North:


A mercenary with a bloodstained soul.
Elrik of Breda has had enough of death and seeks a place to build a home and live in peace.

An innocent with a secret.
Yrsa of Ottham has lived too long with loss and rejection. She yearns for a place where she belongs.

Sometimes, the intervention of Fate creates magic.
Together, they embark on a quest to fulfill the longings of their hearts… but the cost may be higher than they could ever dream.

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