VS ecopyMy newest release, Viking Sword: A Fall of Yellow Fire – The Stranded One, is the first in my Viking series, Viking Brothers Saga.

Available for Nook and Kindle.

Kingdom of Wessex, southern England, 882.

Golden-haired Saxon maiden Lissa of Yriclea is the sole survivor of a brutal assault against her village. After the attack, she is taken as thrall by a vikingr with the disconcerting ability to slip past all the defenses of her heart. Grieving the loss of home, friends and freedom, she must cope with the deprivations of travel across England in the company of the powerful Viking she both fears, and cannot resist.

A bizarre turn of events strands vikingr Brandr Óttarrson in hostile Saxon territory during a raid gone very wrong. Getting back home will take all his courage, strength and wits. Complicating the journey is the lovely woman he desires but cannot have; some troublesome, unexpected companions; and a love-struck Saxon warrior relentless in his determination to rescue his.

In an ancient time of darkness – and mystical beauty – courageous Saxon maid Lissa of Yriclea and Brandr Óttarrson, a single-minded warrior, journey across England as they struggle to overcome perils, cultural taboo, and the ambivalence of their own hearts to win a coveted prize: enduring love.